Sunday, December 27, 2009

Urdu Inpage Professional 2009

Urdu Inpage Professional 2009 Complete Urdu , Arabic,English and Others language Editing Software Also includid: Kashmiri, Pushto, Kurdish and Hazargi languages.

This high-end industrial version is ideal for publishing and packaging houses and advertising agencies.It supports all the features of InPage Basic plus a lot more. For instance:
Save as PDF option
Use PDF workflow to print seperations, control overprint
Compatibility with Freehand 10, CorelDRAW 13, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PhotoShop
Kashish in Noori Nastaliq
Additional Nastaliq font,
Automatic Kashida insertion for Arabic fonts
Spell check for Urdu language
Indexing and table of contents (both English and Urdu text)
Wrap-around of text around circular objects
Rotation of text at any angle
Sorting of Urdu and English text
Rotation of objects at any angle
Rotation of picture boxes and pictures
Grouping/ungrouping of objects
Brightness/contrast controls of pictures
CMYK color separation
Support for Kashmiri, Pushto, Kurdish and Hazargi languages
Automatic backup of document files

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